Evaluations / Testing and Follow-up

WHO can have an Evaluation (Comprehensive Diagnosis)?  

  • Available for elementary school through college level students

  • Appropriate for students

    • struggling in reading, writing, spelling, or math

    • failing or almost failing a school dyslexia screening

    • receiving RTI or PST intervention at school

HOW long does the Evaluation take?

  • As soon as ALL paperwork  (provided to parent by Intake Coordinator with a list) and forms are completed accurately and received by AGC, the Intake Coordinator will call within 1 week to schedule the testing.   

  • Testing is scheduled as a 1- or 2-day evaluation, based on student's individual needs.

  • Actual testing period can range anywhere from 2 to 5 hours which is broken into segments based on age and type of testing required

  • Results are scored and then discussed during a typical 1.5 to 3 hour face-to-face meeting with the parents and/or student

WHERE is the Evaluation done?

  • The evaluation/testing takes place at The Children’s Fresh Air Farm, at 501 Park Avenue, in Hoover, AL

HOW will the Evaluation help my child?

  • A personalized educational plan

    • will be outlined for your student based upon their specific strengths and weaknesses

    • includes detailed recommendations for academic intervention, remediation, accommodations, and use of assistive technologies

  • A written detailed comprehensive report

    • will be sent to parents within 2 weeks following the last testing day

    • includes a medical review by a pediatrician well-educated in Specific Learning Disorders and their management

      • NOTE:  the medical review and subsequent diagnosis is very important with regard to how the school is able to interpret the written report


Does the report get my child an IEP or 504?

  • No, an independent report does not automatically qualify a student for an IEP or for 504 status.

  • As schools have their own testing protocols for determining if a child qualifies for such status as an IEP, your child's evaluation report can be a starting point to show the need of your child's struggles and support for an appropriate education.


BENEFIT of an Evaluation Report on my child?

  • A report does strongly support a parent's challenge for increased services or supporting accommodations such as extended time or assistive technology use for a struggling student

  • Accommodations and Assistive Technology can be the critical step that allows success for a struggling student, especially in high school but even more so for college students.

  • A dyslexia diagnosis will qualify your student for free or very inexpensive audiobook access through independent organizations such as Bookshare and Learning Ally.

 HOW TO GET STARTED on the Evaluation Process?

  • Our Intake Coordinator is here to assist you with any concerns or questions regarding a student that is struggling,

  • just email intakecoordinator@alabamagamechangers.org

  • or call 205.914.3027 which is the number listed at the top right area of the website

    • You will receive a phone call where we will learn more about what struggles your student is having.

  • Based upon your student's specific situation, we will determine which type of evaluation is most appropriate.

    • Then we will request from you various items such as a questionnaire, school work samples, writing samples, etc. 

CONFUSION after Previously Diagnosed?

  • If your child has already received a diagnosis but you feel unsure how to deal with your child's disability or learning difference....

    • we can still provide you with support and recommendations based upon your child's diagnosis

    • we feel that NO CHILD should struggle, so let's find what works best for them to excel and be the best they can be!!!



WHAT an Evaluation would include?

  • detailed review of the student's educational, developmental, medical, and school histories

  • standardized testing of basic literacy skills

  • standardized assessment of spelling, assessments of writing and/or math

  • IQ testing when appropriate or indicated








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