• Affects 10-20% of the U.S population

  • The most common learning disability/difference

  • Inherited, genetic – runs in families

  • Is a lifetime issue, it is not curable.

  • Can be mild or severe

  • Affects boys and girls equally

  • First described in 1896

  • According to the NIH – Dyslexia affects 80% of the students in special education programs for learning disabilities.

  • People with Dyslexia CAN read.

  • People with Dyslexia are usually more creative thinkers.


  • Myth:  Dyslexia does not exist

  • Myth:  Dyslexia is rare

  • Myth:  There is no way to diagnose Dyslexia.

  • Myth:  People with Dyslexia see letters and numbers backwards.

  • Myth:  Dyslexia is curable, or you can “outgrow” it.

  • Myth:  You can improve a Dyslexic’s reading by having them read 20-30 minutes every day.

  • Myth:  People with Dyslexia are lazy or should just try harder.

  • Myth:  People with Dyslexia are not smart.

  • Myth:  Dyslexia cannot be identified before the 3rd grade.

  • Myth:  Retaining a child in a certain grade will improve their academic performance.

  • Myth:  Schools test for Dyslexia

  • Myth:  People with Dyslexia can’t read.

  • Myth:  Dyslexia only affects reading.

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