Dyslexia Screenings in Alabama Public Schools

  1. defined dyslexia

  2. recognized the significant educational implications that may result for students with dyslexia

  3. called for the creation of a Dyslexia Advisory Council

  4. called for a revision of the Alabama Administrate Code to acknowledge and address dyslexia and subsequent services needed to ensure the success of students with dyslexia

What does this really mean??

  • This means that any child who is reading below benchmark should now be screened for dyslexia at their public school.  if they fail this screening, the school is required to provide that student with a dyslexic specific reading intervention within the general educational classroom.

Students can get the initial information of whether they have dyslexic tendencies from an Alabama school screening. If the student fits the classic dyslexic profile and screens at risk, a formal diagnosis can be very helpful with regard to parent education, allowance of appropriate use of assistive technologies,  and allowance of accommodations at school.


A school screening will help you to know if your child fits the Dyslexic profile, however it will not give you a diagnosis. A basic screening of reading and spelling is now being provided by Alabama Public Schools. Please contact your child's teacher to request a school screening.


  • Please remember a failed school screening is not a diagnosis of dyslexia.  

  • A comprehensive reading evaluation must still be done to officially diagnosis dyslexia.

Could it be dyslexia?  Let us work with your child to get an individualized learning prescription.




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3-step Breakdown:


A scoring level on a test or performance evaluation that "marks" whether your child is on-grade level.

You may be familiar with these tests given to all children at the public school on "testing" days; examples are  ACT-ASPIRE,  Gobal Scholar, STAR.

Scoring below the state-desired level should trigger your child for further screening, but it is your right to be proactive and ask the school.


The school system can administer a screening test to your child.  The screening test is specific to indicators of dyslexia looking at these skills:

  • accuracy of word reading in on-grade level text

  • spelling skills

  • phonemic decoding efficiency skills

  • sight word reading efficiency skills


There are several types of screening tests available, but the school testing can choose what it feels is best.



A certified evaluator, like Alabama Gamechangers, will give additional tests (or a combination of tests), review your child's writing samples, and interview you and your child.

Possible results:

  • Diagnosis of dyslexia

  • Report pin-pointing your child's strengths and challenges

  • Recommended accommodations for your child's 504 or IEP if applicable

  • A list of resources for further Orton-Gillingham based learning tutoring or other multi-sensory based tools

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